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There's a number of excellent resources online that act as aggregators which have put together collections of useful topics to then explore more deeply.

Check out Aggregation Theory (opens in a new tab) to learn more about this trend for the internet on Stratechery (opens in a new tab) which is a tech, business newsletter written by @benthompson (opens in a new tab)

Developer Roadmaps (opens in a new tab) is a community effort to create roadmaps, guides and other educational content to help guide the developers in picking up the path and guide their learnings.

What's also cool is that the entire site is open source (opens in a new tab) on GitHub: (opens in a new tab)

Grok Learning (opens in a new tab)

Grok Academy is your one-stop shop for teaching Digital Technologies. (opens in a new tab)

Learn Modern Web Development in a Fraction of the Time

Net Ninja (opens in a new tab)

Black-belt your web development skills. Over 1000 free programming tutorials (opens in a new tab)

Illustrated explanations of web development, technology & a little bit of anthropology.

Clean Coders (opens in a new tab)

They say it'll "Level up your code"






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