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When I first made the switch to working as a Software Developer I had a lot of friends and acquaintances reach out asking how I did it. That led me to put together this article (opens in a new tab)

Since then I've only had more people over the years reach out, hence the creation of this Resource Library for all to benefit from.

Personal Projects

Included are a few pages about personal projects I've worked on in the past.


I've also written up a page for the site called Transparency inspired by (opens in a new tab) to provide some context around where my money comes from and where your money would go if you choose to support me.

Check out the pages and links below that make up the resource library itself 👀

Reading / Viewing List – Culture & Engineering Management

Recommended articles for those interested in tech culture and engineering management.Read More →

Reading List – New to Tech

Articles aimed at those starting out in techRead More →

Recommended Books

Recommended books for those working in tech, especially in a team lead type roleRead More →

Team Collaboration

No man is an island, resources for working with othersRead More →

Artificial Intelligence

We gave sand the ability to think 🤯Read More →


Product Led Growth, A/B Testing & the restRead More →


Confidence software is behaving the way you expect it toRead More →


Level up your productivity with mastery of theseRead More →


The technology behind user interfaces and experiences on the webRead More →

The Zeitgeist of Software Development

In case you don't speak German this means the "Spirit of the age"Read More →


Structures you can use to build softwareRead More →

Paradigms and Terminology

OOP, FP, Lambda, Currying???Read More →

Regular Expressions (RegEx)

The industry standard for glob and pattern matchingRead More →

Aggregators and Courses

Comprehensive online resources about software developmentRead More →

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The technology behind styling and layout for the webRead More →

Design Patterns

Tried and true tactics in software development and programmingRead More →

Version Control Systems – Git and Friends

Keep track of changes to your codeRead More →

JS Generators

Generators? Iterators? Yield? Anjana has you coveredRead More → Files

A staple of any codebaseRead More →

UI Libraries

Cohesive "plug and play" UI componentsRead More →

WoW Board Game App

Companion app for a nerdy board gameRead More →

Zoom Captions

Sending captions line by line to Zoom made easyRead More →


In-browser Hearthstone card guessing gameRead More →







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