I wrote this page inspired by (opens in a new tab) to provide some context around where my money comes from and where my money goes (what you're supporting if you choose to support me).

Hey, that's me. Andax || (Andy|Andrew) Hammond

🚀 Vision

My goal with the Resource Library is to help others discover quality information about the tech industry. Specifically focused on software development, engineering, management and being comprehensive enough for those who are completely new to the world of tech. I'm not sure exactly where this journey will take me but hopefully it improves the lives of others in some way.

👨‍💻 Employment

I am currently employed by Atlassian (opens in a new tab) as a Software Engineering Manager working full time on the product Atlas (opens in a new tab). This is my primary source of income.

💰 Passive Income

I currently don't receive any regular passive income. I see the potential to create streams of passive income through sharing my knowledge about working in tech but am convicted of wanting to keep my learnings accessible for as many people as possible.

I have a handful of ideas that could be monetised:

SourceDescriptionWho pays
Amazon Associates (opens in a new tab)All Amazon links (eg. recommended books) have my Amazon Affiliate code attached to them and I get a little money if you choose to purchase any of those products using my link.Amazon
Donations (opens in a new tab)For those who wish to express gratitude for the time and effort I've put into collating these resources together and sharing them out.Anyone who wishes to do so
Discord ServerA place for friends whom I know personally to ask questions and get help with their learning journey. I may consider a community (potentially paid) version of this in the future.No-one currently
Substack newsletter (opens in a new tab)I've played around with the idea of starting a newsletter which would have a free tier and potentially a paid subscriber option.No-one currently

👀 Free Stuff

I'm a sucker for new tech, gadgets and products so I'd love to be the guinea pig for some products but I do not currently engage in this yet.

💳 Expenses

I don't have many expenses when it comes to personal project endeavours as I make liberal use of free tiers provided by SaaS platforms. However, if any of these do become popular there could be significant costs involved. For example, I'm quite keen on exploring some of the latest Artificial Intelligence APIs available which can get a bit price-y.

I'd love to be able to support more folks in their creative work online and plan to pay forward a % of any donations I receive to other creators online.

🔐 Privacy

I have instrumented this site with Vercel Analytics (opens in a new tab). This is mostly performance data and anonymous reporting of sessions and unique visitors with some basic browser info (eg. Geo-Location).

This site is also open source - check out the code if interested, (opens in a new tab)

📄 Terms

Everything on is provided free of charge and thus there is no guarantee that this will continue. I'd like to keep it that way but we'll see how we go.

❓ How you can support me best

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you want to financially support me, you can check out my digital tip jar (opens in a new tab).






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